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Save Money by Consolidating all your high Interest Credit Cards to one low monthly payment !!!

Do you own your home and have over 20% equity in the particular property? Also, do you have student loans, consumer debt, credit cards or other types of balances that are incurring high interest rates? Your mortgage is definitely not the only debt, but most often it is the debt that has the lowest interest rate, which means that it is also the least expensive one that you have. Why not consider consolidating all of your debt by refinancing your mortgage so that you can use the equity in your home to pay off the higher interest debts? This would allow you to have one monthly payment at a lower interest rate, get rid of the debt at a faster pace and while you’re at it save thousands of dollars in interest payments.

The housing market in the last decade has taken an incredible leap in appreciation and there are numerous Canadians, just like you, who have taken advantage of these low interest rates and refinancing programs through various lenders. However, the consolidation of debt is not an option that is suitable for everyone, which means you need to carefully consider whether or not refinancing your home to pay off your outstanding debt would make sense for you. You might be taken back by the amount of money that refinancing can save you.

Top benefits from refinancing: Refinance Home canada

There are numerous benefits that come from refinancing and the top ones include:

  • Extra funds for investing
  • Interest rates with lower percentages
  • No more multiple payments, but instead a single monthly payment
Refinancing Your Mortgage and get a Lower Interest Rate:

Interest rates are at their lowest, which means that now is the ideal time to best refinance your home loan or mortgage and keep it at a lower rate. Regardless of the status of your mortgage, such as subject to renewal or in the middle of the terms, you should discuss your current situation with us at Mortgage Bridge Canada and get a free financial analysis that comes with no obligations. This will help determine which plan can help save you the most amount of money.

Using the equity in your home to improve or renovate your home

Even if you don’t need to consolidate your debt, you can always refinance your existing mortgage to get the required funds to add on additions, renovate or other types of improvements to your property. The top refinancing loans are offering incredibly low interest rates over the other financing options, so go ahead and check out these options so that you can save money with a lower interest rate.

If you are considering refinancing your mortgage in order to consolidate your debts or make improvements to your property, then make sure to contact us at Mortgage Bridge Canada. or call us at 905-232-6300..

Best Rates
Term Posted Rates
1 Year 3.04% 2.99%
2 Year 3.24% 3.19%
3 Year 3.44% 3.09%
4 Year 3.89% 3.44%
5 Year 5.14% 3.24%
7 Year 5.30% 3.34%
10 Year 6.10% 3.79%
Variable Rate 2.65%
Prime Rate 3.70%
Last updated on: 07-13-2018 *Rates are subject to change without notice. OAC, E&O.E