Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Purchase Price   Calculation of Land Transfer Tax
0 - 55,000   .005 x Amount
55,001 - 250,000  (.01 x Amount) minus 275
250001 - 400,000 (.015 x Amount) minus 1,525
400,000 + (.02 x Amount) minus 3,525

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Toronto Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Calculate Land Transfer Tax (Residential)
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(Applies to all Ontario properties including Toronto)

(Applies to Toronto properties only)

Applies to Toronto properties only)

If you are planning to buy a land or buy an interest for a land in Ontario or Toronto, then you would be required to pay land transfer tax in Ontario or Toronto as the case may be and you can calculate that by our land transfer tax calculator. Land does not only include land, buildings, fixtures and buildings to be constructed fall under this category.

Who pays the tax?

When the transaction closes and you acquire the land, you are required to pay the tax to the province and that is usually based in the amount you pay for the land.

What are the tax rates?

The tax rates as already mentioned depends on the purchase price and you need to pay it when the land has been registered on your name.

How to calculate the tax?

Calculating the tax is easy and all that you need to do is enter the amount and the rest would be done by our land transfer tax calculator. You can calculate different types of taxes here.

Best Rates
Term Posted Rates
1 Year 3.04% 2.99%
2 Year 3.24% 3.19%
3 Year 3.44% 3.09%
4 Year 3.89% 3.44%
5 Year 5.14% 3.24%
7 Year 5.30% 3.34%
10 Year 6.10% 3.79%
Variable Rate 2.65%
Prime Rate 3.70%
Last updated on: 07-13-2018 *Rates are subject to change without notice. OAC, E&O.E